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My name is Rob Taylor and I’m the artist and author of "Rocketing Past."


For the last eight years I’ve been lucky enough to have realized my dream of making my way in the world as a touring visual artist. Though my work in pop-culture artwork continues to be fulfilling, I can’t resist the call to share a new original visual style and voice with you.


When conceptualizing this project, it was my goal to introduce a world in which my personal interests, idiosyncrasies, preoccupations, and passions could live and thrive. In other words, the story would naturally be set in space, it must include elements of time and interdimensional travel, and it would certainly idolize nostalgic 70's and 80’s tech and design. Vivid whimsical colors would bleed through vintage textures and rockets, robots, and ray-guns, would always feel right at home with my use of poetry, cartography and typography.


Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? Never.


With a fresh take on Retro Futurism, I have begun creating a unique series of art pieces and accompanying story elements based on the interstellar journeyings of a misplaced artist and his eccentric crew aboard the U.S. Wanderment.


It is my intention to release each image for sale as a print first, and, over the course of time, collect them all into a beautiful hardcover anthology which will include both images and words.

I would like to invite you on this journey with me and hope you find my imagination and ideas to be the perfect momentary distraction from our world outside.


Yonder Yore!
-Rob Taylor

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