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I'm excited to introduce you to my new collection of original Retro Futurism artwork called, Rocketing Past!  Scroll down to view the pieces I have created so far. 
Each piece is available as a signed and numbered limited edition 11X17 "Artist Proof."
You can view and purchase an A/P, fine art print enlargement, metal, or canvas print by clicking the images below.  

print 1: "The Wanderment"

Wonderment small for website.jpg

print 3: "Headlight Safari"


print 4: "Rhythm of Rain"


print 5: "December Lights"

December Lights site small.jpg

print 6: "The Lightkeep of Precipice"

Precipice 11X17 smal for site.jpg

print 7: "The Shape of Home"

The Shape of Home small for website.jpg

print 8: "Rocketship Playground"

Rocketship Playground small for site.jpg

print 9: "The Sun-Shaped Moon"

The Sun Shaped Moon Small for Site.jpg

print 10: "My Portable Summer"

My Portable Summer SMALL for site.jpg

print 11: "Record High"

Record High small for site.jpg

print 12: "Collector of Moments"

Collector of Moments small for site.jpg

print 13: "Beyond the Call"

Beyond the call Small for Site.jpg

print 14: "Moonlighters"

Moonlighters Small for Site.jpg

print 15: "The Heart and Other Mighty Places"

Diner small for Site.jpg

print 16: "Unintended Purpose"

Unintended Purpose SITE.jpg
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